Quick Christmas Gift Idea

This is a super quick and easy Christmas gift. If you are looking for a Secret Santa Gift, Teacher Gift, or Gift for the Neighbor then check out this cute gift. All you need is a mason jar and some…


23 Best Ideas Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Boys


Secret Santa Ideas For Work #secretsantaideasforwork Our Articles Game On! Scentsy Secret Santa Gift Ideas - Wickfreecandles - Scentsy UK #secretsantagifts Secret Santa Ideas For Work #secretsantaideasforwork Our Articles Game On! Scentsy Secret Santa Gift Ideas - Wickfreecandles - Scentsy UK #secretsantagiftideas Secret Santa Ideas For Work #secretsantaideasforwork Our Articles Game On! Scentsy Secret Santa Gift Ideas - Wickfreecandles - Scentsy UK #secretsantagifts Secret Santa Ideas For Work


10 Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under $25 That Don't Suck

10 secret santa gift ideas under $25 that won't be re-gifted. A great round up. Something for everyone. Don't give another candle.


Christmas Gift Tags & Thank You Notes For Teachers and Students

Cute and cheap Christmas gift idea for boys and girls - perfect for school!


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Jack Daniels Reindeer and Santa Coke. My gift for my secret Santa this year. #secretsantaideasforwork Jack Daniels Reindeer and Santa Coke. My gift for my secret Santa this year.


Secret Santa Saturday: Gifts for a Dollar

A Thrifter's Guide to Secret Santa Success Thoughtful, Inexpensive, Secret Santa Gifts Stress-free and FUN Secret Santa Solutions (they make great Stocking Stuffers, too!) INSTALLMENT TWO: It's Not About the Money! Believe it or not, you can get great Secret Santa gifts for only $1.00! It's easy to focus on the wrong things in Secret Santa. If you worry too much about whether or not the recipient will like their gifts, you can expend a lot of needless energy in the wrong area. That can lead to spending more money than you need in an effort to compensate for not knowing whether the gifts will be appreciated. But making your "giftee" happy is so much simpler than that! The point of Secret Santa is that it's supposed to be fun (remember Installment One: Secret Santa is Supposed to be Fun?), and by taking a more casual, lighthearted approach to things, it is fun! Take, for instance, the ten gifts I've highlighted below. Each one came from the Dollar Tree, and cost $1 (the exception being the last gift where I combined 4 $1 items). The trick to using these items is taking a little time to "dress them up." By adding a little note and/or adorning the gifts with simple trimmings, your $1 item can look like a million bucks (okay, maybe that's pushing it... but it looks like it cost more than $1!). Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting that every gift you give cost $1, but the point of this exercise is to prove that you don't need to spend a lot to get a positive result. Mix a couple of these one-dollar ideas with some bigger gifts, and you've have a great Secret Santa Run. You'll see that the emphasis here is practical usage. Most of these items are things that people will probably need at some point anyway, so why not take advantage of that? In addition, the gift tags hold clever (errr, super-cheesy) messages, to communicate a personal, light-hearted touch. And, after reading them, I think we will all agree that my shopping skills greatly surpass those of my wit and witticism :) One more note: By no means do you have to replicate the wrapping/tagging methods I'm demonstrating. A simple handwritten note will do the trick! As far as packaging your presents, Dollar Tree has tons of gift bags and wrapping supplies (affiliate link), so you can pick up a roll of gift wrap for a dollar and use it for all of your gifts, if that works... just be sure to disguise your handwriting... :) Full Disclosure: I'm happy to now be a Dollar Tree affiliate (yay!), which means I help them highlight some products in exchange for a small percentage (5% to be precise) of any sales originating from my blog. So if you click one of the links and then buy one of these $1 items , I make $0.05 ;) One Dollar Secret Santa Gift #1: A Pretty Ornament Nothing says Christmas quite like a Christmas tree, and what better way to start the season by giving a shiny new ornament for trimming said tree? They have a whole wall of ornaments to choose from in store, and even more on their website (affiliate link), so your style options aren't too limited. Shiny and bright, it doesn't look like it only cost a dollar! To achieve the look, all I did was use a clear favor bag ($2.00/20 bags from Target) and shredded paper from Dollar Tree (affiliate link). Tied with a ribbon and finished with a cute tag, this treat makes a simple first Secret Santa gift. One Dollar Secret Santa Gift #2: A Flashlight Who can complain about having an extra flashlight around? Need one for your desk? Your car? Your backpack? I know in the days after Hurricane Sandy, we couldn't get enough of them! The packaging here was also simple. I took scrapbook paper, glued it to thin cardboard, and used Glue Dots to attach the flashlight from the bottom. To give this gift some extra-special love, throw some batteries in it, too! One Dollar Secret Santa Gift #3: Deck of Playing Cards Ever have those times when everyone wants to play Gin Rummy or Spades, but NO ONE can find a deck of cards? Plus, you can get TWO decks for a dollar! Now your giftee will be prepared for any impromptu card game! The packaging here consisted of a linen bag (I have a bunch of them on hand because I love them; I got them from Save on Crafts) and another gift tag. One Dollar Secret Santa Gift #4: 8-Bit Screwdriver It doesn't get much handier than a screwdriver with 8 bits! This baby gives you plenty of options so you can tackle those weird projects that come along. One of these days, your Secret Santa giftee will thank you. Packaging again was simple. Scrapbook paper combined with Glue Dots to hold the screwdriver on. One Dollar Secret Santa Gift #5: A Sports-Themed Nightlight The Dollar Tree had a whole section of nightlights, so if your giftee isn't interested in sports, you've got plenty more options there. But in terms of sports, they had baseball, basketball, football, and soccer, so if you've got a fan of any of those activities, you're in luck! Simply print out a logo of your giftee's favorite team and include an encouraging note! "Go Jets!" or "Terps Rule!" would suffice... I just hold a soft spot in my heart for the Yankees, so I chose a more specific message :). For packaging, I used the clear favor bags and shredded paper again. One Dollar Secret Santa Gift #6: Microfiber Screen Cleaner Almost everyone has a phone, tablet, or computer with a screen that accumulates smudges. You can't go wrong with this handy screen cleaner that they can throw in their desk or car. Put it in a cute gift bag, add a tag, and you're good-to-go! One Dollar Secret Santa Gift #7: Bungee Cords How many times have you had to strap down some awkward, oversized instinct purchase without the right tools? Okay, maybe that scenario plays out more in my scattered DIY-lifestyle than is typical, but still, you never know when you'll need a bungee cord. This set features three different sizes, and the cost? You guessed it, one dollar. Wrap them in a giftbox (used Spritz giftboxes from Target-sorry, can't find a link, they were on an endcap near the party section), tie it closed with some cute cord and a bow (both also on that Target endcap), and you've got one fancy-looking present. One Dollar Secret Santa Gift #8: Stylish Hairbands Ok, so this is probably the first gender-specific gift here (although I don't want to speak too soon), but they were so darn cute, how can I resist? They have tons of hair rubber bands, barrettes, and headbands, too! These are very trendy right now, and some big-fashion retailers are selling them for A LOT more than a dollar. If you've got someone who fits the bill for this gift, then scoop them up (and maybe grab a set for yourself, too, like I did)! I covered some thin cardboard (from a spaghetti box) in burlap ribbon (the same kind I used for my Chevron Bunting and Beach Scavenger Hunt, actually). Then I removed the bands for their original boring packaging and slid them on. Easy and adorable! One Dollar Secret Santa Gift #9: Word and Number Puzzle Books The Dollar Tree had a huge selection of Crossword puzzle, Sudoku, Word Find, and Trivia books. A popular gift choice as it is, but here you're paying a lot less than at some other major retailers. Packaging doesn't get much simpler than this. Just one big, honkin', cheesy tag. One Dollar Secret Santa Gift #10: BATTERIES! Maybe one day our society won't need batteries any more... but I don't think that day will be here anytime soon, and until then, we all need batteries. And pretty often. And maybe I'm alone here, but I can never find the size I need right when I need it! So this is the most expensive gift I'm featuring here today... at a WHOPPING $4.00, this combination of 4 Dollar Tree items includes AA, AAA, C, and D batteries. You could even mix things up and throw in a 9V... get creative! But $4 for all of these batteries is a pretty darn good price. And everyone needs batteries. Especially on Christmas morning! Looking for more $1 Gifts Ideas? Check out the $1 Valentine's Gifts Series--all of the gifts featured could be easily adapted for Secret Santa or Stocking Stuffers! Plus, More in the Secret Santa Series: Featured On:


Printable Christmas Gift Exchange Dice Game, Christmas Party Game, Present Swap white elephant, dirty santa, INSTANT DOWNLOAD, Secret Santa


Secret Santa Gift Tags Printable More


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23 Clever Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Cheap!! #coworkerchristmasgiftideas Secret... 23 Clever Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Cheap!! #coworkerchristmasgiftideas Secret Santa gifts | work #Cheap #Clever #coworkerchristmasgiftideas #Gift #Ideas #santa #secret #secretsantaideas 23 Clever Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Cheap!! #coworkerchristmasgiftideas Secret... 23 Clever Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Cheap!! #coworkerchristmasgiftideas Secret Santa gifts | work #Cheap #Clever #coworkerchristmasgiftideas<


Secret Santa is a great tradition to play with friends and family! Everyone draws a name and secretly buys a gift for that person! On a certain day, everyone exchanges!


fun idea for secret santa gifts


Personalized Monogrammed Glitter Ornaments

Add a lot of sparkle to your Christmas tree this year! These shatterproof glitter ornaments are perfect for personalize your Christmas tree or giving as a gift! Think about teachers, coworkers, neighbors, family, friends, and secret santa gifts! These shatterproof ornaments are a large 4" wide and disk shaped in size. The glitter is on the inside, so no mess. All ornaments are topped with a substantial sized bow. **A monogram is typically structured with the last name as the large initial in the center, the left initial is the first name, and the right initial is the middle name. EXAMPLE: Susie Marie Jones - would look like sJm Customers MUST list their Monogram Letters in this order: (first, LAST,middle – in that order) Note: If you choose Font Style #1 - Initial with Name - the Initial will be WHITE. The vinyl color you choose will be for the name ONLY.


EDITABLE The Snuggle is Real Christmas Gift Tags, Secret Santa, Office Staff Teacher Gift Holiday Printable, White Elephant INSTANT DOWNLOAD

THE SNUGGLE IS REAL! * Editable PDF File so you can personalize as many printable tags as you need! (see more about editable pdf files below) These printable 'the snuggle is real' tags are yours to keep forever to use year after year to give to almost anyone in your life! Use for teachers, secret santa gifts, coworkers, family, friends and more! Simply type your message at the bottom, print out on cardstock, hole punch and tie around a cozy fleece throw or pair of socks! A great value to add personality and adorable flair to your gifts! Awesome and very versatile, these printable tags are great for holiday gift giving! Label features adorable holiday snowflake graphics and festive typography with a faux chalkboard background - prints beautifully! .............................................. Note: THIS IS A DIGITAL PRODUCT. NO PHYSICAL ITEM WILL BE SENT TO YOU. • Watermark will not appear on your files -blankets/props in photos not included - photo #3 is a customer review photo DETAILS: * Designed for printing on 8.5 x 11 paper * Includes 4 tags per sheet - tags measure 3.25"x 4.75" * Room at the top for a hole punch * This is a DIGITAL FILE only - listing includes 1 PDF FILE .............................................. ABOUT EDITABLE FILES An editable file means that it is fillable. You CANNOT change or alter the design of the PDF (this includes any pre-exisitng text, designs or paper size), only text within the light blue boxes can be edited. You CANNOT change the font, size or color of the editable text. What is shown in the listing photos is what it will be. *Please look at photo listing #2 to reference how your tags will appear when typed. .............................................. HOW DOES THE ORDER PROCESS WORK FOR DIGITAL ITEMS? It's such A SIMPLE PROCESS: 1. Add the item to your cart. 2. Purchase the item. 3. As soon as payment is confirmed, Etsy will provide you with the link to download your new editable holiday tags 4. Download, save, print and enjoy! Etsy DOWNLOAD HELP can be found here: https://www.etsy.com/help/article/3949 ............................................................................................................................ SUPPLIES & PRINTING You will need the newest version of Adobe Reader to edit files. This is very simple to do and FREE and can be found through this link: https://get.adobe.com/reader/ You will also need a color printer (or use one at an office supply store) and paper. Note that color may vary slightly from monitor to monitor which will affect the final print color depending on the printer that is used. Note that because of the landscape design, when using you can change your view to rotate clockwise in order to see better when typing in the editable boxes. PLEASE NOTE: Files are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. You may not forward, share, sell or distribute the files. Mass production, file sharing and commercial use of these PDF’s are strictly prohibited. Any other questions, please feel free to contact me ......................................................................................................................... Contact me if you are interested in a custom order! .........................................................................................................................


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15 Secret Santa Gifts That Actually Don't Suck #secretsantagifts 15 Secret Santa Gifts That Actually Don’t Suck


Looking for cheap gift ideas? Check out this list of 51 gift ideas under $10! These $10 gifts make inexpensive Christmas gifts that anyone would love.


Secret Santa gift cards | Zazzle.com

Funny Secret Santa poem to easily customize.


so. between mother’s day, graduation, father’s day, and teacher appreciation…i’m going to be broke. I like giving money as a quick gift–I overstress about presents…so i’ve found it saves my sanity. but just because it requires little thought doesn’t mean it can’t be dolled up cute! i’ve complied tons of awesome ways to …


Secret Santa Questionaire and White Elephant forms

Secret Santa Questionaire and White Elephant forms by Bruno's Blackboard | Teachers Pay Teachers


Secret Santa sign-up sheet | Chica and Jo

Secret Santa Forms -- good idea! Used this for work - Really cute!


Chill Pill PROFESSIONAL Self Adhesive Labels-Funniest

Chill Pill containers are fun to give. This funny label will help you create a memorable gift for someone who appreciates a little humor in stressful situations. This fun Chill Pill label set of self-adhesive LABELS can be placed on glass, plastic or tin container to help you make the perfect gag gift. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: ★Sheet Size: 8x10 sheet ★Label Quantity Options: 6 Per sheet, 8 Per Sheet, 12 Per Sheet ★Label Size by Sheet Count: 6Ct (4"x3.3) 8Ct (4"x2.5") 12Ct (4"x"1.75) ★Label Shape: Square with Rounded Corners ★Finish: Craft Paper Brown Self Adhesive ★Color: Black Copy with Black and Red Graphics on Craft Paper Brown Background READBELOW FOR A WORD FOR WORD OF WHAT THE LABEL SAYS FOR THIS THEME: Take a Chill Pill immediately after any unfortunate encounter with an angry, annoying, frustrating, ignorant, unattractive or otherwise unpleasant individual. In case of emergency and/or immediately following a meeting with a combination of these described types, break glass and consume the entire bottle. Warning: Once you take a Chill Pill do not operate heavy machinery such as fax machines and/or printers with a tendency to require regular maintenance. Doing so may void the effects of the Chill Pill and cause you to punch someone. *The "warning" verbiage is only included in the 6 and 8 count sheets. The 12 count sheet is smaller and has less space for text. Related Items _________________________ Apothecary Jar 24oz: http://etsy.me/Mq3c0r Apothecary Jar 16oz:http://etsy.me/10SBBwE Glass Jar: https://www.etsy.com/listing/215046707/chill-pill-professionals-glass-jar-with Tin: https://www.etsy.com/listing/262065606/chill-pills-professional-tin-container Mini:https://www.etsy.com/listing/262233030/ 8 Labels: http://etsy.me/10Txllc 6 Labels: https://www.etsy.com/listing/241316528/chill-pill-professional-labels-for-diy For more fun filled gifts return to my shop by clicking here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/scripturegifts


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Jen's Happy Spot: Hand Santa-tizer


Secret Santa Rhyme Invitation | Zazzle.com

Unique Secret Santa gift cards to easily customize.


A LITTLE FIT Saying - HANDMADE - Gift - Stocking Filler - Gag Gift - Funny Gift - Cute Gift

Multiple colors are becoming limited for large orders please message me to make sure that I have enough in the color you want. You will get 1 Little Fit for each 1 quantity. Thank you for looking and I will be happy to do any custom color, I have added a couple of NFL Team colors to the pictures. This is a funny little gift that is great for your friends, family, co-workers, clients Secret Santa - Quirky - Boss - Friendship - Parent - College Student - Stocking Filler etc. Perfect for that person that gets a little irate or wound up. Simply give them this and when they can feel the temperature rising they simple need to throw this "little fit" rather than their own! These would make a fabulous class gift, or even a coworker gift. A friend mentioned to me about doing some NFL team colors I would be happy to consider any custom color requests please contact me for a custom order or for larger quantities I currently have 4 various colors and hope to put up pictures of those various colors for you to choose from when ordering. Slight variations may occur due to these being individually handmade. And the colors of 'A Little Fit" will vary. Multiple colors are becoming limited for large orders please message me to make sure that I have enough in the color you want. Addtional Colors https://www.etsy.com/listing/571982054/a-little-fit-saying-handmade-gift?ref=shop_home_active_1


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Secret Santa 2015 Gifts! #secretsantagifts Secret Santa 2015 Gifts!